Here’s Your New Baby… Not!!


If you were planning to adopt a baby from the Adoption Annex, a now-defunct, nonprofit adoption services organization, then forget it.  It has been said that the whole organization is a scam.  Its founder Kevin Cohen has been cheating people out of their money.  Over 16 couples have come to Mr. Cohen seeking the opportunity to adopt a new born.  This is what he did, he told the couples to pay something between $20,000 and $40,000 in medical expenses for the women who had agreed to place their children up for adoption.  So once the money was paid the adoption parents had to wait until the mothers gave birth, so they could pick up the children.  But there was one major problem… there were no children to be adopted.  Neither the pregnant women or their babies existed.  One couple in particular paid over $60,000 in medical expenses for the so called “birth parents” of their so called “adopted baby”.  And if you think that was crazy, then guess what…  Cohen pleaded “Not Guilty” even though the evidence was against him.

I personally believe this is ridiculous.  They paid all that money for what???  Well my gosh did they ask to see any type of proof or something that he was running a legitimate adoption agency?   This just proves that you must be careful and do your research.  Did they look at the history of the agency or did they seek information on previous customers?  I know adopting a child is not an easy process and that when you desperately want a child you will be quick to take up offers, but these couples should have known it was too good to be true.  I hope Cohen gets what he deserves,and I hope these couples get the children that they desperately want.


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Nature In My Neighborhood

Over the weekend I went to Anacostia Park with a friend.  We decided to walk to the water.  Once there we noticed that you could see the bottom of the river.  Not only could you see the bottom, but there was a big spot where you could walk to the middle of the river without even wetting your shoes.  I have never seen the water like this and I have been there many times.  So me and my friend just sat there on the rocks watching the little tadpoles swimming and watching the birds wonder around in circles as if they didn’t know what was going on.  I found all of this so beautiful, so unusual.  And what made it even better was the weather.  It wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was just right, a nice little breeze and all.  And as we sat there we decided to make a new weekend routine.  We decided that on every Sunday morning we would go to the park and observe how nature changed over the week. 

 Anacostia Park is a park that I feel has been underappreciated.  Also I believe if everyone just went there in their spare time with no expectations that they would find the true beauty of the park, and would have a new found appreciation for nature.  I’m sure this would work for practically any natural park, even if it’s just your back yard.  Just take a walk around and see what nature has to offer you and your world.

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Bebo is a social networking site created by Mr. and Mrs. Birch.  It went live in 2005.  After  obtaining over 4o million users, the Birch’s  sold the networking site to AOL for $850 million.  As of 2009 Bebo is being used in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, and the Netherlands.  It was originally aimed towards people in their 30s.  Just like other social networking sites, Bebo allows you to add photos, blogs, and apps.  Also like other networking sites, Bebo allows you to change skins; however, there are no risks of spyware or viruses since the skins were not made by any third parties.  Also Bebo does not allow you to choose your own usernames, or urls, they are chosen for you, but a good thing is the username is close to your name.  Bebo focuses on community, self-expression, and entertainment.  Bebo was rated third in the top thirteen social networking sites.  Here are it’s ratings…

Overall: 3 1/2

Security: 4

Networking features: 3

Search: 2

Help/ Support: 3

legitimate Friend Focus: 4

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Who Is Christine?

I am a senior with my entire life ahead of me.  I am very smart.  English, math, science, art,  what ever it is I can do it.  And if I do not understand something I will try and try until I do it.  I am very good in math.  I love numbers, I can easily solve problems, and find the correct answer very quickly, and if it takes a long time, oh well, I wont stop until I figure it out.  I am also very good in English.  I can read over other people’s work and find and correct grammar, and spelling errors.  I find it very fun searching for subject-verb agreement errors.  Did I mention that I am good at conducting science experiments?

Outside of school there are many things I can do.  I am good at fixing computers.  Everytime something goes wrong with our computer my mother calls me and tells me to fix it.  I am also good at playing baseball.  That’s right Baseball!  When I play in the park with my cousins and friends I always hit at least one homerun in every game.  And to be the youngest of two sisters I am pretty good at throwing footballs.  I dont know where this came from but it happens.

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What Kids Know About The Swine Flu

This morning on ABC news a group of children between the ages of six and eight were asked about how they believed parents should prepare their children for the flu vaccination.  One little girl Believed that parents should encourage the child and be there to support them.  One child by the name of William Keenan age eight knew all about the flu even down to the white blood looking for the weapons they need to help you fight the flu. 

That’s all from a kids point of view.  The man giving the interview said that many  parents mess up and scare the children by telling them if they do not act right, then the doctors will stick them causing to child to gain a fear of the doctor when the doctor is only there to help.  He also said that many children has developed ways to cope with the pain and fear of shots.  Also he believed that it is better for the doctor to inform the child about what is going on. 

I agree with both the children and the man.  I was amazed at all the techniques that the children had developed.  I wonder how my 7-year-old niece feels about the flu shot, so be looking forward to that.  And if you have younger siblings or cousins ask them how they cope with the pain of shots, and ask them what they know about the swine flu.

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the issue with obama

Benjamin Netanyahu had an interview with the Today show earlier this week.  There he spoke his opinion on the meeting Obama had with other countries.  The big picture of the meeting was about America getting involved with the world.   Mr. Medvedev signaled the first time Russia amenable to American requests to toughen sanctions against Iran.  Everyone was pleased with the  turnout.  Russia did not feel as though they were being bought out.  Some officials believed that the missile defense had something to do with Moscow’s cooperation on the Iran sanction issue.

It was harder to get China to cooperate, since they had a longstanding opposition to increased sanctions against Iran.  Obama had success with China on the issue of strengthening the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.  Countries were expected to keep monitoring some nuclear materials even if the country withdrew from the pact.   The Obama administration believed this was a huge step forward.  He wanted a close eye kept on North Korea.  Obama wanted to negotiate a peace deal with all his enemies.

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The Swine Flu and College

The Swine Flu is taking over fast.  The Third College student to this from the virus died last Friday.  He was a junior at Cornell University.  His name was Warren J. Schor.  It was said that Cornell has 555 probable cases.  Many universities have quarantines where the sick students could go to be treated.

Washington State University has reported over 2,600 complaints of flu like symptoms.  they have also created a blog where people can go for updates.  The University of Florida is planning a website where students who are sick can go to watch lectures, ect, instead of missing out on their classes.

I feel as though all of the attempts to keep the students safe are very good, because it gives them a way to continue to get the education that they are paying for.  However, I think this invasive virus is taking too many innocent lives.  The quicker there is a way to stop the spread of the flu the better.

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Whether in a mother child relationship, or a husband-wife relationship trust is needed.  If there is no trust then you have nothing.  Sometimes its hard to trust people depending on you past, but sometimes you have to swallow your pride and take down your wall.  Even though trusting people may get you hurt, you will never truly know that person until you trust them.  Trusting people is never easy.  But at the same time if you dont trust that person the relationship can not prosper.  Trust is one of the first building blocks of building a relationship.  We must trust others.

There was a long period of time in my life that my mother didnt trust me when it came to my choice in boys.  And thats when I realized that it wasnt up to her to just start trusting me, I had to prove myself trustworthy.  And I say trust depends on you past because I know I had no type of trust until i met my now boyfriend.  He taught me a lot about trust.  He trusted me when I didnt really trust my self.  So I knew I had to give him a chance.  And I am glad I gave him a chance because we have been together for nine months, and for me thats a very long time. 

Trust is an essential building block in any type of relationship.  Along with trust comes giving people chances.  Sure everyone wont make the most out of their chance, but at least you can say you tried and played your part. So until next time just sit back relax and trust those you love and who you can possibly love.

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“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”  that’s what William Wallace said.  and that makes so much sense.  if you spend your entire life not experiencing anything you are not living.  well techinically you are living because your heart beats and you breath, but what exactly is your purpose.  everyone has to experience life inorder to say that they have lived.  live life to the best of your ability.  if you dont you will never find true happiness.  Dont just let the “pursuit of happiness” be a pursuit, find happiness and live!

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September 11th, Eight Years Later

The sole purpose of Terrorist is to inflict terror and fear in to lives of the enemies.  And that’s what happened on September 11, 2001 when the planes hit the Pentagon and the Twin Towers.  That day marked the beginning of fear in the lives of all Americans.  Before that  day no one spoke of terrorism, but after it was all said and done people made it seem like they knew it was coming.  Maybe as a young person things like this were kept away to protect me but how and why?  So many lives lost for something  that could’ve been avoided, thats if  it could’ve been avoided?  So many unexpecting victims.  Now look at the US, we’re doing the same thing to other countries that has been tramatizing us for the past eight years.  Violence is an never ending cycle.  More and more lives will be lost, but honestly for what? I wish there was a way for the souls of those who were lost on that tragic day to come back just to tell us what to do and whether or not it is all worth it.  Also I wonder whether or not the ones who died are at peace.  It is clear that it is not all over, but until the end, REST IN PEACE to those who were lost.  YOU MAY BE GONE BUT TRUST YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

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