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what is thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks.  Give thanks to your parents, your friends, and your God.  It is the time to be thankful for your life.  It is also the day t0 enjoy life and the ones in it.  Thanksgiving is not about the food, it is about being surrounded by the ones you love and who love you.  So who did I spend my thanksgiving with?  I spent it with my mother, aunts and uncles, grandmother, cousins, and my boyfriend.  It feels good when its so much love in the air.


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I am completely anti-death penalty.  I knew this before being involved in a classroom debate.  My side believed it is unconstitutional and unethical for someone to be killed under the death penalty.  Even though they took someone’s life what makes the government right for killing them?  Also couldn’t the death penalty be the easy way out?  Many murderers have no care about whether they live or die.  However, if they are forced to live the rest of their lives in jail they will also be forced to live with what they did for the rest of their lives.  And whose to say that they wont change?  If they are killed their souls are free to move on. 

Some would say that the death penalty is the ultimate punishment, but what’s worse than living in a prison where no one really gives a care about you and where your freedom is basically nonexistent?  Jail gives the convicted time to reflect on what they did and how their lives would be if they didn’t commit the crime.  Jail would give them time to change their lives even if they will never see the outside of a prison.  Just think about it, is it really ok to kill someone over allowing them to become better people and feel remorse for what they have done?

This is to John Allen Muhammad…  Today around 9 your life will be taken from you, so be lucky that you are taking the easy way out, and will never receive the complete punishment that you deserve.

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Fort Hood Shooting

Nidal Hasan, an army psychiatrist shot over 40 people and killed 12.  He was to be deported to Iraq.  His motive at this point is unknown.  The shooting occurred around 1:30pm.  Many believe the main cause of this rampage was the Army refusing to allow Hasan to stay instead of going to Iraq.  Hasan also volunteered to give up his medical degree, but the army refused.  The rampage ended with Hasan being shot three times by police officer, Kimberly Munley.  Munly was shot in the exchange of fire.  Hasan was seriously wounded. but remained in stable conditions.   It is being said that he did what he did because he didn’t want to go to Iraq.  And no one truly know but him. 

I believe this is crazy.  Of all place an Army base.  Shouldn’t there have been lots and lots of security there?  How could they allow him to shoot so many people?  If anything he should have wounded himself so he would not have to go to war.  Now he will be going to jail for a very long time.  You wouldn’t think a psychiatrist would or could do such a thing.  I understand that he couldn’t kill in war but he killed innocent people who weren’t the enemy.

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16 year old girl shot dead

Melody Ross was shot dead in  a random shooting that  “>occured after a football game.  The shooting happened right outside Woodrow Wilson highschool.  The girl was killed and two men were wounded.  The motive of the shooting remains unclear.  Ross was an Honor Roll student.  The football coach said that he heard between five and seven shots.  The football had lost the game and also lost a school mate.  This is the second time that a high school student was harmed outside an organized school event in California.  This is terrible  thing.  What is really going on in California.  Was this an organized crime or was it just a random inevitable shooting.  I’m pretty sure it is making schools think twice about hosting school events at night.  But who should be punished?  Should they stop after school events?  I don’t know.  This just proves that no matter where you are, you are never 100% safe so watch your back. 


1 comment November 1, 2009

5 arrested in a California gang rape

A 15-year-old girl was gang raped outside of her highschool homecoming.  5 people have been arrested so far for the crime.  The oldest man involved in the rape is a 21-year-old man.  Police officials have announced that they predict that more arrests will be made.  The attack was said to have lasted for two hours, and police have reason that up to 20 people was involved or watched it happen.  When the police arrived they found the girl nearly conscious.  A school official said that it is not their responsibility to take the students home after they leave the school. 

I believe this is ridiculous.  How does a girl get raped out side of her school at a busy event.  And how could they let it go on for two hours.  Did they not notice a huge  group of students outside? Why wasn’t there any security outside of the school during a big event like homecoming.

1 comment October 28, 2009

What do you think about technology use allowing parents to be more involved in their kid’s lives via facebook, ect?

While viewing your child’s grades online may be beneficial, watching over them may just be pushing the children further away.  No child wants their parents to be in their business especially teens.  If parents are commenting on you status or constantly writing on your wall about how you didn’t do your homework,  then the children are more likely to block their parents.  A better solution would be to just ask your child if you can watch them while they are on facebook, this does not mean everytime they are on facebook to sit there like a stalker watching them.  Tell me what you think about this subject.

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little kids

Children born after 2000 are off the hook.  They act like they’ve been here before.  And don’t tell them that they are wrong.  Like my niece she is two and she is crazy.  She already has an attitude problem, she tells you that you are mean and she knows whats cute and not cute.  But is it really them being extra smart or learning things from their surrounding.  Just think about it, if we curse around children how long will it be before they begin cursing.  If people dance all freaky around them how long will it be before they begin dancing the same way.  When it comes to things like this I am thankful I am not a parent yet.  Im still trying to figure my life out.  I have my own problems.  They say the children are the future but if so how is our future looking?  (I WILL UP DATE YOU SOON)

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The H1N1 virus is a new flu virus that causes people to become ill by causing respiratory infections.  It is sometimes called the “swine flu” because a similar strand of flu can be found in pigs.  The H1N1 virus comes from Mexico. The virus is so strong because it is a triple- reassortment flu virus.  You contract the virus by droplets of the infected moisture from the mouth or nose goes into the air and is breathed in by others or land on surfaces, it enters the body of an uninfected person, it then fights the immune system causing that person to become ill. You can stay healthy by staying at least 6 feet away from an infected person, you have to wash your hands often and keep your hands out of your mouth and face.  Try to avoid shaking hands, hugging, and kissing.  Virus infection cases are higher in people ages 0-7.  And lower in ages 15 and higher.  It is higher in blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.  Some myths about the virus includes, catching it from eating pork, catching it from the water supply, and catching it from the neighborhood pool.  There are two types of vaccines available which are the nasal spray and the injection.  You can get the vaccine at any health clinic, hospitals, local health departments, community vaccination clinics, and pharmacies.  The vaccine costs around $20.  Doctors are more concerned with the H1N1 virus because it has a higher death rate, and it is affecting healthy younger people. 

I shared this information with my family by telling them everything I just told you. I also talked to my parents about getting the vaccines.  I will avoid getting the flu by keeping hand sanitizer around,and washing my hands after touching things in public.  I will change the  way I sneeze and cough,  I will do it in the crease of my elbow instead of my hands.  And I will disinfect the keyboard to the computer, light switches, door knobs, handles, and the telephone. 



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Motivation… Where do we get it from?  Is it something we gain from being put down all our lives, or is it something we are born with?  Can we gain or lose motivation?  These are all the questions that come to mind when I think of motivation, and where it comes from.  I personally think it comes from within  and only within.  I know many people say “So and so gives me the motivation to move on”, but even though that person motivates you, it is up to you whether or not you will move on.  One of my personal mottos is to never let anyone but yourself be the source of all of your motivation.  (to be continued)

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Nature In My Neighborhood

Over the weekend I went to Anacostia Park with a friend.  We decided to walk to the water.  Once there we noticed that you could see the bottom of the river.  Not only could you see the bottom, but there was a big spot where you could walk to the middle of the river without even wetting your shoes.  I have never seen the water like this and I have been there many times.  So me and my friend just sat there on the rocks watching the little tadpoles swimming and watching the birds wonder around in circles as if they didn’t know what was going on.  I found all of this so beautiful, so unusual.  And what made it even better was the weather.  It wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was just right, a nice little breeze and all.  And as we sat there we decided to make a new weekend routine.  We decided that on every Sunday morning we would go to the park and observe how nature changed over the week. 

 Anacostia Park is a park that I feel has been underappreciated.  Also I believe if everyone just went there in their spare time with no expectations that they would find the true beauty of the park, and would have a new found appreciation for nature.  I’m sure this would work for practically any natural park, even if it’s just your back yard.  Just take a walk around and see what nature has to offer you and your world.

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