Nature In My Neighborhood

October 5, 2009 lovelycdc

Over the weekend I went to Anacostia Park with a friend.  We decided to walk to the water.  Once there we noticed that you could see the bottom of the river.  Not only could you see the bottom, but there was a big spot where you could walk to the middle of the river without even wetting your shoes.  I have never seen the water like this and I have been there many times.  So me and my friend just sat there on the rocks watching the little tadpoles swimming and watching the birds wonder around in circles as if they didn’t know what was going on.  I found all of this so beautiful, so unusual.  And what made it even better was the weather.  It wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was just right, a nice little breeze and all.  And as we sat there we decided to make a new weekend routine.  We decided that on every Sunday morning we would go to the park and observe how nature changed over the week. 

 Anacostia Park is a park that I feel has been underappreciated.  Also I believe if everyone just went there in their spare time with no expectations that they would find the true beauty of the park, and would have a new found appreciation for nature.  I’m sure this would work for practically any natural park, even if it’s just your back yard.  Just take a walk around and see what nature has to offer you and your world.


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  • 1. shavaricox18  |  October 5, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    I love this blog, I have to agree with you you hear people always talking about how. Anacostia park is dirty and not clean.

    But really if you go to the park and really look around. Then you will see the beauty of the Anacostia park. Sometimes I enjoy going to the park. To Walk around and just enjoy the wheather.

    But people need to think before they speak.

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