What Kids Know About The Swine Flu

September 25, 2009 lovelycdc

This morning on ABC news a group of children between the ages of six and eight were asked about how they believed parents should prepare their children for the flu vaccination.  One little girl Believed that parents should encourage the child and be there to support them.  One child by the name of William Keenan age eight knew all about the flu even down to the white blood looking for the weapons they need to help you fight the flu. 

That’s all from a kids point of view.  The man giving the interview said that many  parents mess up and scare the children by telling them if they do not act right, then the doctors will stick them causing to child to gain a fear of the doctor when the doctor is only there to help.  He also said that many children has developed ways to cope with the pain and fear of shots.  Also he believed that it is better for the doctor to inform the child about what is going on. 

I agree with both the children and the man.  I was amazed at all the techniques that the children had developed.  I wonder how my 7-year-old niece feels about the flu shot, so be looking forward to that.  And if you have younger siblings or cousins ask them how they cope with the pain of shots, and ask them what they know about the swine flu.



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